MK 1200

Filter isolator 1200W two-stage totally independent with four outlets, wich uses two specific insulation transformers for individual output stages with different powers to handle


Toroidal Isolators Filters

MK 1200 design arises from the need to treat significantly and permanently all those issues related to the mains voltage treatment and any related electromagnetic interference generated by itself, classified as RMI and EMI types.

Such insulation systems are made with quality non-magnetic containers with 2 mm thickness, in order to evenly distribute the weight of the individual transformer used in the interior.

All types of filters connected to the latter are intended to provide the right quality of voltage and current to individual users that are connected to them through excellent trivalent 16A sockets, located on the rear panel.

The power outputs are guaranteed by an effective galvanic insulation through the use of innovative insulation transformers of toroidal type, that have also been encapsulated in metal containers and resin, so as to contain the leaked magnetic flux as much as possible inside them, generated by the same effect of induced electromagnetism.

It also protects against electrical surges and lightning strikes.


Other Benefits

These transformers are manufactured under our specifications, with devices to reduce the parasitic capacitance value of the individual primary and secondary windings, resulting in improved electrical performance and delivery of instantaneous current demand to dynamic music transients.

The next phase of treatment is guaranteed by the use of dedicated filtering cards, realized with built on our narrow and strict specifications components that are outside the normal fees; or rather inductors that are wound on cores with high permeability magnetic Y using pure copper wires of solid-core oversized section type for the current demands , through various networks of double pi-Greek type and using excellent class X2 and Y2 capacitors for the treatment of electrical spurious and spikes.

All internal wiring conductors are made by using an excellent tinned and twisted cable in order to obtain a real section of about 3mm and with a variable geometry to contain the parasitic capacitances value in a consistent way, which causes very often the deterioration of reproduced sound.

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    Technical Specifications


    Operating Power Max:
    1200 W Total
    Outputs n.4 Total:
    n.1 + n.2 Power Amplifier Power Amplifier Total power on both sockets max :
    1000 W
    n.3 Pre line max power:
    100 W
    n.4 CD max power :
    100 W
    Operating Voltage:
    230Volts + 10%


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