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In a world where technology plays an important role in the life of each of us, a new group of fans, has decided to give life to one of the most important historical brands operating in the field of high fidelity , his name is "Galactron".


Here is that the high esteem acquired over many years , in the world of High Fidelity , led the new research group to consider with more determination, all issues related to the more correct reproduction of the sound spectrum , also recognized as ” stamp TonalĀ ” , in particular such research has addressed the attention of the new group , to analyze and deal with the determination , one of the most important causes of problems generating a considerable alteration music information , or the electrical energy and its variants .

Everyone knows that the power supply contains within it inconveniences caused by induced electromagnetic interference generated by various systems of reproduction and transformation of electricity and electromagnetic interference induced by radio-frequency spread in the ether, clearly all these disorders that are not nothing but get inside electronic equipment designed to reproduce the musical message , altering the same content in a consistent manner.

Here the attention of Galactron from life to the creation of systems capable to treatment and containment of such disorders , realizing the power supply stage diversified and dedicated to individual users, which led the same group to the realization of a new product line called Filters / Isolators .

These products manufactured according to specifications greatly with innovative techniques designed to treat permanently all those interference generated by electrical flow of any domestic plant and not only , giving the same equipment user the possibility of having to mount a power supply system free from such disorders.

The possibility of using technologically innovative achievements , or new power transformers , designed for use with an audio system of windings adapted to contain as much as possible the parasitic capacitances , and the relative realization of inductors with remarkable technical characteristics , and oversized compared to the currents required , using the cable type solid-core and cores with high magnetic permeability , have given rise to effective filtering cells of the double type pi- greek , all geared to the processing of individual users in a specific way (CD / Pre- Phono / Line Pre- / power Amplifiers / Turntable / Converters / Integrated Amplifiers ) , properly assembled here that such materials has given rise to the creation of these products acts to the treatment of electricity by the new research group Galactron with the primary purpose to fulfill in order unique musical content of the original information .

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