MK 3020

Remote Controlled Stereophonic 2 x 100 W Integrated Amplifier, designed with solid-state technology. DAC and phono Optional. SHC (System Harmonic Control) circuitry.

Integrated Solid State Amplifier

A project seeking new standards on the front of music reproduction, which was made possible by the use of different materials such as wood and metal that not only characterized the new aesthetic appearance but also the management of the treatment of the resonances induced.

Using a new circuit technology has allowed to further improve the timbre result. The new SHC (System Harmonic Control) circuitry has determined the true essence of this electronics, the most correct way to use the harmonic performance of the individual tones that make up the sound spectrum, adding with a well-calculated percentage of second harmonic distortion, In turn added to the fundamental of the same spectrum sound. It also determined remarkably realistic timbre fluency and consistency, uniquely characterizing how to listen to music in its most natural essence.

During the development of the project, this circuitry has been integrated into the signal preamplifier that sends signals to the new power circuit: Class A polarized stage improves overall timbre performance and the energy boost transmitted to the power stage that is Streamlined and innovative hybrid drivers that allow a significant boost in performance.

The overall result is an amplification with exciting musicality and timbre consistency, dynamism and excellent sound control of transient sound spectrum. Choosing to have on board the same amplifier two types of circuit boards for the handling of different signals (Digital and Analog) has further increased the versatility of the project, obtaining a product that manages signals from multiple sources, both In Digital Analogue format.

Amplificatore integrato MK 3020


The DAC (Digital Audio Converter) card is designed to be conveniently placed inside, using a new Burr-Brown legendary chip with 32-bit technology and up to 384 kHz of sampling rate, the two digital inputs of the DAC, Coaxial (Spdif) and USB are manually selectable via a lever switch. The USB capture card is made by Amanero, leading digital signal management and driver company, which allows you to play native DSD64,DSD128 – On Windows DSD256,DSD512 too.

The Phono Board

The Phono board made with discrete components uses a Class A polarized FET circuitry and a RIAA passive network that uses 1% component for capacity as well: the circuit allows selection of both MM and MC heads, with the possibility of Select both the resistive and capacitive load for both channels. The amplifier features 4 RCA and 2-digit (USB + Spdif) inputs in case there is a DAC board (optional). Phono input is also available, by inserting the optional card: one of the line inputs will become phono MM/MC.


The amplifier also has a HT (home theatre) input designed to use a video audio integration by bypassing the volume control and connecting directly to the final stage. All RCA connectors and insulated power connectors are of excellent quality, copper alloy and 24-carat gold plating. The internal wiring system is made with the best OFC / PCC copper conductor.

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    Technical Specifications


    Rms Power On:
    8 Ohm 2x 100 W / 4 Ohm 2x 187 W / 2 Ohm 2x 236 W
    Peak output current:
    30 Ah
    Frequency Response:
    da 10Hz a 50 Khz +- 1db
    Harmonic Distortion at max power:
    THD 3,5 %
    Signal to noise ratio S/N:
    Damping factor:
    Dimensions (WxDxH) mm.:
    17 Kg


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