MK 3001

DAC 32 Bits 387 Khz, Burr-Brown chip, Imputs: USB HD, Spdf, special output buffer. The USB capture card is made by Amanero, the leading digital signal management and driver company, which allows you to play native DSD 128/256 files.

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Technical Specifications


D/A converter:
Texas Instruments PCM5242 32bit/384Khz
PCM sampling frequencies:
44/48/88/96/176/192/352/384 KHz
DSD Sampling frequencies:
Windows Asincrono USB ASIO e WASAPI
PCM Input Cosmic sampling frequencies:
44/48/88/96/176/192 Khz
PCM Sampling Rate USB:
44/48/88/96/176/192 Khz
THD (Total Harmonic Distortion):
0.01% -3db Single ended
Signal to noise ratio S/N:
109 dB
Digital Inputs:
Output signal:
3,5 V RMS single ended RCA
Output Impedance:
50 Ohm
Dimensions (WxDxH) mm:
400 W x 115 H x 330 D
8 Kg


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